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What we hear is a portion of excellent blues, as we know from the southern states of the US. So called “down home” blues of the somewhat more solid kind, mixed with influences of southern rock and soul.

The band is gumbo and that is exactly what we get served up: a good tasting variety of music. A very pleasant surprise, a great CD.


- Eric Campfens, BarnOwlBlues

Blues is definitely something I wish to listen to more after this experience.

- Trine R. Aaseth, NettOpp

Everyone at his recipe secrets to cook a good Gumbo. Let's say that Ronny Aagren has in his list of spices, Delta, New Orleans, Texas and Aurore Boreal mixed with passion and energy. We are dealing here with a royal gumbo. You give me a ladle, please, it's so good.


- Caesar, Blues Again

This is not a bunch of wannabe blues performers, but four guys with a love for the music...

and the knowledge and ability to play it properly.

Every tune is covered with great attention to detail, making it very special indeed. Not a band that merely copies the styles of past blues Masters, Ronny Aagren and His Blues Gumbo play in a style that is very much their own, but has lines, both musically and lyrically that are similar to those of the Masters, while staying fresh and contemporary without losing sight of the work of the originators of the music.  This one is a winner.”

- Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue

"'Close to You' shows that Ronny Aagren & his Blues Gumbo definitely have to cross the borders of Denmark to let more music lovers taste this delicious blues gumbo! ..."

- Eric Schuurmans, Rootstime

“As you might have guessed, this is a lovely modern blues set that impressed me a lot!”

- Norman Darwen, Blues In The South

“Excellent album, no weak tracks, well worth finding.”

- John Mitchell, Blues In Britain

“En fest av en plate.”

- Johnny Andreassen, Bluesnews

"Ronny Aagren & His Blues Gumbo leverte en herlig blues blanding fra New Orleans, Mississippi, Texas og Skedsmo! med både trøkk og feeling. Ronny selv har blitt rutinert og dyktig både som gitarist, vokalist og ikke minst låtskriver. Publikum storkoste seg. Det er bare å bøye seg i hatten!”


- Odd Dahl, Booking Oslo Bluesklubb

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He writes his songs from his own experiences, which makes his songs unique. Aagren
has a pleasant soulful voice and his guitar work is sublime.

- Eric Campfens, BarnOwlBlues

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